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In Ohio, notary training has not been required or provided by the state before issuing a commission. What little training that is offered by the counties is frequently inadequate for dealing with 21st Century signing requests. As a result, notaries may often face a number of signing situations that could result in errors and potential liability for themselves, as well as their employers.

Ever wondered about Ohio notary questions like these?
How to handle documents in a foreign language?
Can I notarize if a document was signed a week ago?
Can a notarize on documents from another state (or country)?
How to handle a copy certification request
When may I notarize for relatives?
What does "SS" mean on my certificate?
What if a document has no notary certificate?
Do I have to give an oath for a vehicle title transfer?
How is a power of attorney signed?
What do AKA, NKA, FKA, & HTTA mean?
What is a "Medallion" notary?
What is an apostille?
What is a notary protest?
Do I need Errors & Omissions Insurance?
If you have moved from one Ohio county to another since receiving your most recent commission, you may be notarizing illegally. Find out why!
The Ohio Society of Notaries offers you the important notary training you never received, through our seminar

Your Role, Responsibilities, and Risks as an Ohio Notary Public
You'll be amazed how much you don't know about what you don't know.
The seminar includes:
Overview of the history, tradition and duties of the office of Notary Public
Tools of the trade/Ohio requirements
Types of notarizations and the specifics of each
The essential elements for any Ohio notarization
The Notary Certificate: Your sole domain, Your sole responsibility
It's YOUR commission! Staying out of trouble, and when you need to say "No"
The importance of notary training for employers
Complex and unusual signing situations; apostilles, vehicle titles, copy certifications, powers of attorney, advanced directives, oaths/affirmations, journals, E/O insurance
Examples of improper documents to watch for
and MORE!
This class is the BEST training available in Ohio, bar none!

Our "Beyond the Stamp" seminar is offered upon request around the state. We require a host location with PowerPoint capability, and a minimum of 15 attendees. We can help with this number by inviting mobile notaries from around the area. Upcoming classes will be posted here.

Enjoyed presenting recent seminars in Cincinnati, Medina, Dayton, Columbus, Bowling Green & Twinsburg.


Watch for UPCOMING CLASSES here!

With things gradually returning to normal, we're hopeful of resuming classes again this Summer.