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 MAY 2020  

The Covid situation has had a significant effect upon Ohio notaries. With banks being mostly closed, there has been a marked increase in demand for mobile notary services, as well as remote online notarizations. Many documents, especially for real estate transactions, are date-sensitive, and must be completed within a specified time frame. See more under "Roger's Blog".

September 2019

OSN has been approved as an Authorized Provider of Ohio Notary Training and Testing, under the new laws effective September 20. Get THE best training in Ohio from the guy that wrote the book, and was the facilitator in getting the new laws passed! Watch for the launch of our new website for this venture!


Ohio Notary Reform legislation now a reality - signed into law by Governor Kasich on June 19!.

See details of this long-overdue Law, and the new improvements to Ohio vehicle titles -  click on the "Roger's Blog" tab


Landmark notary case overturned by Illinois Supreme Court 

The case of Vancura v. Katris involved an employee notary who notarized what turned out to be a fraudulent signature on a real estate document.

The appellate court had held that employers were responsible not only for the actions of their staff notaries, but for also ensuring they were properly trained. The Illinois Supreme court reversed the decision, and effectively put the burden of competency back upon individual notaries.

Ohio employers are still responsible for the actions of their staff notaries. Mandatory notary training will be part of Ohio's new notary laws, and will result in more knowledgeable,competent notaries to better serve the public.