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November 2018

Frank LaRose has been elected Ohio's new Secretary of State - I'll keep you posted on what this means for our pending notary legislation.


Ohio Notary Reform legislation a reality - awaiting final action by the Ohio House.

See details of this long-overdue Bill, and the new improvements to Ohio vehicle titles -  click on the "Roger's Blog" tab


Landmark notary case overturned by Illinois Supreme Court 

The case of Vancura v. Katris involved an employee notary who notarized what turned out to be a fraudulent signature on a real estate document.

The appellate court had held that employers were responsible not only for the actions of their staff notaries, but for also ensuring they were properly trained. The Illinois Supreme court reversed the decision, and effectively put the burden of competency back upon individual notaries.

Ohio employers are still responsible for the actions of their staff notaries. Mandatory notary training will be part of Ohio's new notary laws, and will result in more knowledgeable,competent notaries to better serve the public.




OSN President Roger Rill presented "Beyond the Stamp: Your Role, Responsibilities, and Risks as an Ohio Notary Public"This seminar was sponsored by the Ohio Bankers League, and attendees were very enthusiastic about the knowledge they came away with. Beyond the Stamp has also been presented to the Association of Ohio Senior Citizens Centers, Ohio Independent Title Agents Association, police departments, and several library systems around the state. The class has been the Notary Law standard for the Ohio State Bar Association for several years.

OSN provides the BEST, most comprehensive Ohio notary training in the state, bar none, and will come to your office or other location around Ohio. Course content can be viewed on the "Notary Training" tab. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (614) 336-7878 for more information.