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All of these questions have been called into the OSN office by Ohio notaries. Have YOU ever wondered...

  • - Can I notarize if a document is in a foreign language?
  • - How must a signer with a power of attorney sign? Can I give the oath to a POA signer?
  • - Do I have to administer the oath for notarizing signatures on a Ohio vehicle title?
  • - Should I add the state and county venue to my notarization if none appears on the document?
  • - I’m notarizing in Delaware County, but reside in Franklin County; which county goes on the  

    notary block?

  • - Although I cannot certify a document copy, what is the alternative?
  • - Can I still notarize a signature on a document that is dated other than today?
  • - I heard that notary income is tax-exempt; is this right ?
  • - Can I notarize signatures on a document prepared in another state, or in a foreign country?
  • - Can a translator be used for a document signer who doesn’t speak English?
  • - How do I determine whether acknowledgement or jurat language should be used for the 

    notarization, if none is shown on the document? Can I just “stamp & sign” without either?

  • - Can a disabled patient in a health facility have their hand “guided” by a relative while 
  •   signing? How do I ensure they are aware of the document’s content and purpose? Can they sign 
  •   with an “X", or may the notary sign for them?
  • - My boss asked me to notarize on a document for his best client, who signed it in Cleveland and
  •   mailed it to our office in Dayton. I know I shouldn’t notarize without a personal appearance and
  •   ID, but I don’t want to upset my boss or risk my job. What to do?
  • - My boss fired me for insubordination after I refused to perform the notarization. He also says
  •   that since he paid for my application and commission costs, my notary stamp is company
  •   property. What to do?

  - How can I notarize electronically?

  - The signature line reads “Mary Ellen Smith”, but her ID reads as “Mary Smith"; can I notarize?

  - Am I required to have Errors & Omissions insurance, and where can I get it? Do I need a bond?

  • - Do I need to keep a journal of my notary acts? Where can I get one?
  • - A person is requesting a form authorizing consent for her child’s emergency medical care
  •   in her absence. Can I prepare the form for her, then notarize the signature?
  • - What is a “loose certificate”? When and how is it used?
  • - The content of a document is in conflict with my religious beliefs; can I refuse to notarize?
  • - Does notarization make a document “legal”?
  • - I’m asked to drive 20 miles for a notarization. Can I charge a travel fee in addition to the
  •   notarization fee?
  • - Where do my notary commission fees go?
  • -  Can a convicted felon hold an Ohio notary commission?
  • -  How do the state fees allowed for Ohio notaries compare nationally?
  • -  How many notaries are there in Ohio? How do the eligibility requirements for notaries differ
  •    between Ohio counties?
  • -  What are the penaties for violating the Ohio notary laws? Can I be personally sued for making a
  •    notarial error on a document?
  • -  Ink stamp seal or embosser – which is best?
  • -  What is an apostille? How are these handled, and by whom?
  • -  Do I have to record my commission with my County Clerk before performing any
  •    notarizations? What if I later move to a different Ohio county?
  • -  What is a "Medallion Notary"?
  • -  A man presented me a document that he signed and dated 3 weeks ago; can I notarize? 

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